Who Else Wants To Know If Dog Kisses Are Healthy?

They run around the neighbourhood and in the house sticking their noses almost in all the unimaginable places. Despite this, we still enjoy their warm cuddles which often come with kisses. Well, that kiss could be good for you.

Scientists believe that dog kisses are healthy. Not only are these kisses not hazardous, but scientists are of the opinion that a kiss from your favourite furry pal could actually improve your health. Here’s more on why those dog kisses are healthy.

Why Dogs Lick:

Licking is a behavior that dogs learn from birth, says Animal Planet. As soon as puppies are born, their mother licks them in order to clean them and stimulate breathing, and the pups learn to lick their mother in return. This licking instinct never goes away. The process of licking releases endorphins that provide a sense of pleasure and help to relieve stress, which is why some dogs resort to obsessive licking behaviors when they get anxious. In dog packs, licking also serves as a sign of submission to more dominant members of the pack. When it comes to dogs licking humans, however, it’s generally a sign of affection, although sometimes your dog might lick you simply because you taste good.

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