9 INCREDIBLE FACTS that makes Westies the best dogs in the dog family

3- They are known to be a teacher’s pet

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Westies are known to be strong willed and thus it is important that they are trained well. They are a very intelligent breed and they are capable of taking up different kinds of training methods and also capable of performing various tricks.

2- They are a dog with one color

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Westies are a dog with a uniform color on all. While many other breeds of dogs are gifted with a number of different colors, all Westies is known to possess just one color that makes identifying them easy. Always be sure to have an identification mark for your dog as it becomes difficult to identify the same.

1- They have a curious nature

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Westies are known to be very nosy and curious by nature. They can smell any kind of danger of un-uniformity and can be there to protect you always. With a Westie beside you, you can walk with peace of mind!!

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