9 INCREDIBLE FACTS that makes Westies the best dogs in the dog family

Westies, which are actually known as West Highland White Terriers are some of the best dogs that stand out against the crowd of dogs. They have a lovable character that makes them all the more wanted. They are a cute breed that is unbiased, friendly and very jovial as well.

The Westies are cute and extremely fascinating lap dogs that are small and cute, 20 pounds in size with a bundle of white fur. If you are searching for a calm and quiet dog, then you should not go for this breed of dogs.

9- They could also be known as the Verminator

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Though this dog looks calm and simple, this breed is known to be a hard working class of dogs in Scotland. If you have a vermin, the Westie can go for its life. It will hunt the vermin down and make its life frightful as ever.

8- He responds to your conversation

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You would be surprised to know that a Westie responds to your talking. If you have started talking to your dog, you would be amazed to see that he is responding well and actually carries on with the conversation!

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