Top 10 Best Pet Insurance 2021 in the UK

When you compare pet insurance quotes, you’ll see different insurers offering quotes. These are based on several factors.
Your pet insurance comparison will take the following factors into consideration:

Your pet’s age: Older pets are more likely to get sick, so their insurance costs more. Here’s some information on finding cover for your older pet.

Pre-existing medical conditions: If your pet’s got any medical issues, then most insurers won’t cover them. Those that do will charge you much more, because it’s more risky for them to insure you.

Cost of your pet: Insurance for pedigree pets costs more than insurance for crossbreeds. That’s because pedigree pets are more expensive to buy and can suffer from inherited health issues.

Type of pet: Small pets like rabbits are cheaper to cover than bigger pets like dogs and cats. That’s because smaller pets cost much less to buy, and their vet fees are lower.

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