Meet 15 Calm Large Dog Breeds for 2020

#4 – Great Pyrenees

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The Pyrenees Mountains, where the Great Pyrenees was developed, form the border between France and Spain. There, the Great Pyrenees was bred to guard sheep and protect them from predators.

Though they could fight off bears or wolves, they spent most of their time lounging around with the flock of sheep. That makes them an excellent calm big dog breed. They have a gentle nature and will protect children as though they were part of their flock.

The Great Pyrenees is prone to drooling and sheds a lot. They need regular brushing to prevent painful mats and remove their seasonal undercoat. Plan on investing a lot of time or money on grooming your Great Pyrenees.

#5 – Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

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The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog is a close cousin to the Bernese Mountain Dog. However, the Swissie, as it’s affectionately called, has a short coat that’s easier to maintain.

The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog is the oldest of many Swiss mountain breeds. Its ancestors were brought to Switzerland as war dogs by Julius Caesar. The Swiss repurposed the war dogs as farm dogs whose primary purpose was to pull carts of dairy and meat from the farm to town.

The Swissie is one of the dogs used to develop the Rottweiler and Saint Bernard.

Built for stamina rather than speed, Swissies are content with daily walks and don’t require regular romps at the dog park.

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