Meet 15 Calm Large Dog Breeds for 2020

You love large dog breeds, but you don’t love how much energy some of them have. There must be some calm large dog breeds, right? Luckily, we’ve found 15 of the calmest big dog breeds that might be the perfect addition to your home.

Deciding Which Calm Large Dog Breed Suits You

While these friendly dog breeds are all fairly calm, each dog breed has its own personality, health risks, and grooming needs. Use this list to find a few breeds you think you like. Then, research those breeds further to decide which calm large dog breeds suit you.

Why Are Some Dogs Calmer and Gentler Than Others?

All dog breeds were developed for a specific purpose. Some breeds worked all day, chasing sheep or cattle. Some dogs spent all day working alongside a hunter. And others did lower-energy tasks like pulling carts or guarding property.

The tasks that a breed was originally created for determine how calm, quiet, or excitable the breed is today.

15 Calm Large Breed Dogs

After doing lots of research, we’ve come up with the best calm big dog breeds. We’ve given you a little information for you to decide which of these gentle large dogs you want to learn more about.

#1 – Bernese Mountain Dog

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source : All Things Dogs

The Bernese Mountain Dog was developed in the canton of Bern in Switzerland to be an all-around farm dog. They would drove cattle, pull carts, guard livestock, and be a gentle family companion. Bernese Mountain Dogs still commonly compete in drafting and carting events to show off their strength.

The Bernese Mountain Dog has the stamina to follow you on your active adventures. However, they are also calm around the home and gentle with children.

The sad thing about the Bernese Mountain Dog is that they are extremely prone to cancer and other health problems. Their average life expectancy is only 7-10 years. Even for a large breed dog, that’s a short lifespan.

One more thing to know – Berners are not the right dog for neat freaks. They can drool, and they shed – a lot. If you hate the idea of having black hair around your home, you should consider a different breed.

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