8 Common BATH-TIME Mistakes Pet Owners Make || why do dogs hate baths?

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Bath time is not as enjoyable for pets as they are for people. It is not just the water but also the scrubbing and the drying which are enough to make them feel stressed. Although dogs groom themselves as well, giving them a bath is still necessary to keep them clean.

Moreover, bathing will control shedding and keep the coat healthy. Allergies and infection, as well as the spread of germs and dirt, will be prevented by regular cleaning of your pet. After all, when they go outside and roll on the dirt, they will eventually bring the dirt home where you and your kids are then at risk of getting sick.

Bathing you dog can be a challenge because it might try to jump out of the water or even react strongly when they reach the water. In fact, it is normal that some pets have an aversion to water. In this case, it is better to take it easy and let your pooch get slowly acquainted with the water and baths. After all, forcing it will simply make it uncomfortable and reinforce its fear of water.

Pet owners also have to be careful not to make some mistakes that will make bath time very uncomfortable for their pooch.

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