9 Dog Breeds You’ll Want To Avoid At All Costs

Getting a dog is one of the most rewarding and enjoyable experiences any family can have. They are generally great companions, loyal and lovable, and can be lots of laughs too with their silliness and funny antics! But hold your horses – choosing a particular dog breed for the next member of your family can be a bit tough, especially if you have babies or small children in your family. You need to take into consideration lots of factors, particularly the most important one – a dog breed that will get along well with your children, family, friends and neighbors! That being said, here are 15 dog breeds you’ll want to avoid at all costs!


Image source: livestly.com

Chow Chows are a great dog breed to consider for your family, provided you are not a first time dog owner and already have the experience in taking care of dogs. This is because Chow Chows need a lot of time and care dedicated to them. They require a lot of socialization and training so as not to show their aggressiveness and their being territorial, and their training needs to be reinforced each and every day. Aside from that, Chow Chows are known to run into a lot of medical problems that are inherent to their breed, so if you’re not willing to spend time, attention, training and medical expenses for this breed, don’t get one. Open next page to continue reading

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