24 Tricks To Keep House Always Clean When Living With Pets

5. Clean the toys

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source : Patchwork Pet

Stuffed animals can easily be put in the washing machine. The stuffing may sometimes come apart, so you better put these toys inside of washer-safe laundry bags. While washing, use detergent that is free of any dyes or perfumes as they may trigger allergic reactions in your pet. Put plastic squeaky toys in a solution of bleach and water. If, after that, you discover that the toys still reek, it means it’s probably time to say goodbye. If you have to throw away your pet’s favorite toy, search for an identical replacement.

6. Air purifying bags

On the internet, you can find many brands selling charcoal air purifying bags. These bags, after being in the sunlight for at least one hour, will absorb all excess moisture along with odor from your home. They work particularly well if they are put into a small area like inside of the car. You can put them by your cat’s box. Only make sure your dog won’t mistake them for a chew toy.

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