24 Tricks To Keep House Always Clean When Living With Pets

3. Set up a dog washing station

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source : Contemporist

It’s not a tip for everyone as not everyone can afford to build it. But if you one of those that can, you should definitely do it for many reasons. You can, for example, set up a titled concrete outdoor shower where you will clean off any excess mud and dirt, keeping it away from inside of your house.

4. Buy a good vacuum cleaner

With a long-haired dog or cat at home, you’re already aware that they can shed like crazy. If you have a short-haired pet, you probably also noticed that they still leave behind hair and whiskers. All this can lead to not only an excess of dust building up in your home but also bad odors being present. Therefore, it is very important to invest a high quality vacuum cleaner that can clean all this mess.

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