24 Tricks To Keep House Always Clean When Living With Pets

23. Wipe down often

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Even if your pets don’t usually jump up on the table or counter, the simple act of wiping down your surfaces will at least help with odor in your house. Also, even if your pets are clean, you never know if their dirt or germs didn’t land on the tables or kitchen counters where your family prepares meals. Better safe than sorry.

24. Brush your pup’s teeth

Just like people, dogs also need to have their teeth regularly brushed. It may not be easy at the beginning, but try to get into the habit of brushing your dog’s teeth for better hygiene and less odor. You can also buy dental treats like Greenies that help with cleaning too.

That’s all our tricks for keeping your house always clean when living with pets. Share with your friends if you find them useful.

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