24 Tricks To Keep House Always Clean When Living With Pets

21. Dust weekly

Dust is made of dead skin cells and hair. If you have pets, you will find more dust around your house than if you had a pet-free house. When you allow dust to linger for a long time, it will start to smell in a very specific way. It’s this kind of smell you experienced when you’ve ever stepped inside of a dusty attic. It’s very allergenic, also for pets. Dust at least once a week so keep this smell away.

22. Replace litter boxes from time to time

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Whether you want it or not, after some time, the smell of cat urine will seep into the plastic of a litter box. Regardless of how much or with what you try to clean it, the stink will most likely never go away. That’s why some people choose disposable litter boxes rather than regular ones. If your litter box is more than one year old, you may want to check its smell and consider buying a new one, if it needs replacement.

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