24 Tricks To Keep House Always Clean When Living With Pets

On one hand, pets are so wonderful that many cannot imagine living without them. On the other hand, sometimes they tend to stink, and it’s hard to clean after them. What’s more, pet owners often get so used to a bad odor after pets, that they no longer even realize that their pets are making their home smell bad. But no worries: the Vital Tricks team comes to help. We collected thirty simple tricks to keep your home clean and fresh while living with a pup or cat.

1. Grooming

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source : Pet Life Today

Dogs need being groomed regularly, especially those with long hair. If there’s no regular cleaning and brushing, their fur becomes matted, even to the extent that it has to be shaved. Even if the situation doesn’t look so dramatic, your dog’s sweat, bugs and the dirt from playing outside will be present in your pup’s fur for a while, too. Cats are better when it comes to cleaning themselves, however, from time to time they also need help with cleaning, especially if they are indoor-outdoor pets.

To prepare your pet’s bath, first fill up a tub with warm water. Remember to prepare a few towels towels, and special pet shampoo (please, avoid using human shampoo). To get your pet into the bathtub, speak in a calm, soothing voice. Take into account that your pet may be scared of the water. After you’re done, make sure to rinse off the shampoo thoroughly. Consider taking your dog or cat to a professional groomer if you don’t think you can handle bathing them.

2. Monitoring your pet’s health

Sometimes, it’s health conditions that cause bad odors in your pet. This can come, from example, from yeast infections, open sores, or teeth issues. If you notice any strange smell coming from your four-legged friend, take him to the vet to check if there is any medical reason behind it.

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