20+ Dog Halloween Costumes Every Pup Parent Needs

As you start getting ready for your Halloween festivities and picking out costumes for the family, don’t forget to also pick one out for your four-legged companion. Whether you’re throwing a costume party or going trick-or-treating with the kids, your dog (or dogs) is going to love dressing up too. And if your dog is anything like mine, they won’t want to take their dog Halloween costume off for the rest of the week.

If you’re stumped for ideas, these funny and quirky dog Halloween costumes will be the talk of the night. Not only are these costumes easy to put on, but they are perfect for every kind of dog — from the larger dog breeds and little ones to the fussy dogs and quiet ones. And the best part? You won’t spend more than $40 on them. But if you’d rather make your dog’s Halloween costume yourself, we’ve also included some DIY ideas that won’t take too long to make.

Here are our favorite dog Halloween costumes.

#1 Dog in Devil Costume

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DIY S'mores Dog Costume | studiodiy.com

White Dog Shirt
Brown Felt
Hot Glue
Elastic (Optional, see notes in step 3)

1. Cut two squares out of cardboard. You need to ensure that the bottom square is small enough that the dog can comfortable move his/her legs without banging into it. For this reason, we ended up trimming the bottom square to be smaller than the top one.. and it still looked just fine!
2. Cut the brown felt to have some chocolate “drips” along it. It should be about the same length (from top to bottom) as the shirt.
3. Hot glue the chocolate felt to the white shirt. Then hot glue the cardboard to the top of the chocolate and the bottom of the shirt. Try on the dog and trim cardboard as necessary. If you are making this for a larger dog, it may be easier to glue the cardbaord to a piece of elastic and slip it over the dog that way, since the cardboard will be larger in that case!

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#3 Orange Juice

Orange Juice


#4 Repurposed Stuffed Animal



Turn an old stuffed animal into an adorable, low-cost costume for your pup.


  • Scissors
  • Large unwanted stuffed animal
  • Hot-glue gun
  • 2 strips of adhesive-backed Velcro
  • Dog harness


  1. Make a cut along the seam that runs the width of the stuffed animal’s rear end. Then make a vertical cut up the back seam and continue until halfway up the back of the head.
  2. Remove all stuffing except that which is inside the animal’s front legs (or arms). Glue the openings of the two front legs closed to keep the remaining stuffing secure.
  3. Cut the bottoms of the feet off the back legs of the stuffed animal (you’ll later pull these onto your pet’s front legs like sleeves). Trim the length of the sleeves as needed so your dog’s paws will poke through.
  4. Cut out the face of the stuffed animal, leaving enough material to create a hood like covering for your pet’s head.
  5. Stick one strip of Velcroon each side of the harness.Put the harness on your dog.Pull his legs through the sleeves, then slip his face into the hood.
  6. Now you should have a flap of material hanging on each side of your dog. Line up these flaps with his harness, then stick the other half of theVelcro strips onto the inside of each fabric flap. This will hold the costume in place.

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#5 The Red Baron

The Red Baron

via : istolethetv/Flickr

#6 Rocket Dog

dog halloween costumes - nasa rocket

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It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s rocket dog! You can get crafty with this DIY jetpack that’s sure to have your dog zooming with excitement.

  • Paint two water bottles silver and wrap them in paper with the NASA logo printed on it. Attach to a harness or dog vest. Construction paper or tissue flames will boost the cuteness factor.

#7 Minions

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#8 Chia Pet

dog halloween costumes - chia pet

source : womansday

You won’t be able to stop singing “Ch-ch-ch-chia” once your pup is walking around in this hilarious costume. Since you’ll be gluing fake plants onto a dog vest, this costume is super easy to slip on.

Glue faux greenery to a dog vest to turn your pup into a plant. Add a “pot” by sewing orange felt tubes to fit her legs and safety-pinning them to the vest.

#9 DIY Dog Tutu Tutorial

DIY Dog Tutu Tutorial

Source/Tutorial: here

#10 Walrus Pet Halloween Costume

Walrus Pet Halloween Costume

Source/Tutorial (instructables)

#11 Pet Cupcake Costume

Source/Tutorial (lovelyindeed)

#12 Doberman in Batman Costume

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#13 Funny Pup Costume

Source : Traci Wisard

#14 Bacon Dog

Via : amazon.com

Who doesn’t love bacon? This costume isn’t too tight and most dogs will feel very comfortable wearing it.

#15 Dorothy from ‘Wizard of Oz’

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If you’re looking for a family costume idea, look no further. The whole family can dress up as Wizard of Oz characters, and the dog can be Dorothy.

#16 Oktoberfest Lederhosen Alpine Boy

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If your dog is too finicky when wearing costumes, this one might be easier for them to bare. It comes as a two-piece, making it easier for them to put on and take off.

#17 Oreo Costume

Source : dogser

#18 Boxer Costume

Source : Donald Utton (pinterest)

#19 Bowser and Chomp

#20 I grant three wishes Lick, Laugh, Love…

I grant threeee wishes Lick, Laugh, Love…

via : barkpost

#21 Cow

via : chewy.com

#22 Spider Princess And Her Pet Spider

#23 Red Lobster

source : chewy.com

This costume comes in a variety of sizes. It doesn’t mater if you have a Great Dane or a chihuahua, you can dress up your dog as a lobster.

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