10 Ingenious Ways To Entertain Your Dog While Stuck In Isolation

ntertaining an excitable dog indoors is no easy feat, but we’re here to help.
It’s easy to entertain a dog outside—all you need is a ball or a stick—but, when you’re limited to one walk a day, you have to get creative. Additionally, so many of us are now working from home now, and having a happy little dog whacking you with its tail and blinding you with puppy dog eyes 24/7 can be pretty distracting. These ideas have the added bonus of keeping you entertained too, so buckle up!

1. Build an indoor sandpit

This isn’t the most carpet-friendly activity but this dog looks like it’s having the time of its life. You could also fill it with plastic balls if you’re not too keen on finding sand everywhere for the next two weeks.

2. Make a flirt pole

If your dog is intent on destroying anything and everything around the house, this one is for you. This is perfect for use in a small garden but you can use it indoors (unless your dog is massive, of course).

3. Get some treat-dispensing puzzle toys

Obviously not all dogs are as patient as the one in this video. Some dogs will clearly just bite the toy until they find the treat (you will know already if this pertains to your dog). Either way, it’s pretty entertaining to watch, requires minimal space, and your dog gets to show you what a clever boy or girl they are.

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